In the last decade, my opinions and attitudes regarding political issues have changed significantly. This transformation began in 2006 with my decision to closely investigate and understand the things I said I believed. Throughout what followed – the refining of my political principles – reading books has been absolutely essential. In a world of podcasts and online lectures, reading books remains the single best way to fully learn an idea and how to defend it.

Because of this, I have become passionate about sharing the books that have shaped my views, which is why I added this Books section to this site. Within the pages of this section are the books that I recommend on a variety of topics. Clicking on the image of a book will open an information page that gives a brief overview of the book, purchase information and further recommended reading.

I truly hope that you will find these books as insightful as I have.

Books on the Constitution
Books on Economics
Books on History







Books on Political Philosophy
Books on War & Foreign Policy

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