As a reader, I always find it helpful to know to know where a particular writer is coming from. A writer’s motivations doesn’t necessarily affect the validity of his opinions, but knowing his principles aids the reader in understanding how he has reached his conclusions. In the interest of clarity, below are the principles that undergird the content on this site.


My politics are firmly libertarian. I uphold liberty – that is, freedom from government aggression or coercion – as the highest political end. I further believe that, to the extent that the state should exist, its duties should be limited to protecting (and punishing aggression against) life, liberty and property.


I believe that a centralized system of government, one in which a single government is given power over large numbers of people, is destined to become both oppressive and impervious to the objections of its subjects. Because of this, I believe that a decentralized system of smaller and more numerous political units is preferable to a single, large polity.


I believe that the economy functions best – most morally, efficiently and effectively – as a free market. I also believe that what passes for the free market, or “capitalism,” today is in fact an economy hampered by massive government intervention.


I believe war is only valid as the last resort of a people to preserve their liberty (and only their liberty) from aggression, and that non-defensive wars and military adventurism are incompatible with principles of liberty and concern for humanity.

Culture & Civilization

Culturally, I am a conservative. I not only hold to traditional norms of manners and morals, I believe that traditional social institutions like the family and the church are vitally important to society. These institutions not only communicate values, purpose and meaning to individuals, they also form barriers between individuals and the predatory state.

Some libertarians claim that there is tension between libertarianism and cultural conservatism, but they are incorrect. Indeed, the kind of individual liberty that libertarians proclaim as their ideal can only be attained and preserved if the surrounding culture has the elements necessary to support it. These elements most naturally arise out of a conservative culture.

As a conservative, I also believe that the traditions of Western Civilization should be studied and preserved. The fundamental principles of individual liberty so clearly arose out of Western Civilization that modern society can’t lose the history and principles of the West, even with all its imperfections, without losing critical foundations for liberty.

Religion & Theology

While this is not primarily a religious site, my religious beliefs as a Christian in the Reformed tradition play an obvious and indelible role in my conclusions and opinions. As a Christian, I believe in the inherent dignity and value of every individual, but I also believe that every individual is inherently flawed and depraved due to the curse of sin.