The Illusion of Victory
by Thomas Fleming

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Quick Review

In April 1917, the United States declared war on Germany, officially entering World War I. By the end of the following year, American doughboys had aided in the defeat of Germany and it allies. But this apparent victory, writes Thomas Fleming, was illusory. The lofty ideals that President Woodrow Wilson had enunciated when America entered the war were steadily eroded during it, and obliterated by the peace that followed. In this, Fleming writes, Wilson was no innocent bystander, as the president progressively allowed war fever to destroy civil liberties at home and Allied rage against Germany to nullify his Fourteen Points abroad. Fleming details not just the failure of Wilson’s idealistic visions of American participation in the war, but how American troops suffered to secure a victory that did not deliver on the promises of being a war to end war. In The Illusion of Victory, the legacy of Wilson’s foreign and domestic policies wither under Fleming’s scrutiny.

Praise for The Illusion of Victory

The Illusion of Victory is steeped with Fleming’s signature lively style and wit… For dousing historical illusions with the cold water of reality, Fleming can’t be beat.” – Flint Journal

“[Fleming’s] analysis of the consequences of Wilson’s decisions are on the mark.” – Booklist

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