America First
by Wayne Cole

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Quick Review

The America First Committee, which from 1940 to 1941 opposed American entry into World War II, was easily one of the most demonized organizations in American history. The committee, its principles and its motivations have been scrutinized, often unfairly, for decades. In the appropriately titled America First, historian Wayne Cole dives into the history of the America First Committee to explore what its members sought to accomplish and what factors fueled their efforts. In the process, he throws cold water on many of the inflammatory accusations that have been hurled at the committee and uncovers the history of an antiwar movement that has been too easily dismissed.

Praise for America First

“Cole does not condemn, praise, or otherwise express strong opinions on his subject. The reader of Cole’s book must judge America First on its record, which is laid out very dispassionately. As Cole has written it, that record was an honorable one.” – Robert H. Ferrell, Indiana Magazine of History

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