The New Dealers’ War | Thomas Fleming

The New Dealers’ War
by Thomas Fleming

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Quick Review

In The New Dealers’ War, acclaimed historian Thomas Fleming takes an iconoclastic look at Franklin D. Roosevelt, his administration and American policy – foreign and domestic – during World War II. The result is a severe battering of World War II mythology. In particular, Fleming explodes the myth of American unity during the war, laying out in detail the battles between (and within) the Republican and Democratic parties as they struggled to control not just the direction of the war, but the direction of policy in the postwar world. Fleming also explores American war policies, including FDR’s demand for the “unconditional surrender” of the Axis powers, his incessant pandering to Joseph Stalin and American participation of the terror bombing of civilian populations in Europe and Japan. Fleming’s book is a needed counterweight to the false memories and half-truths that surround the American experience in World War II.

Praise for The New Dealers’ War

“A gripping, controversial, informative and at times infuriating look at FDR’s leadership as the nation entered and fought World War II.” – The Washington Post

“It would be a gross understatement to call The New Dealers’ War a revisionist history of World War II. Thomas Fleming has…entered the Roosevelt Wing of the American Pantheon with a sledgehammer and reduced it to shambles.” – Liberty

“A revisionist blockbuster by a real historian who has an old-fashioned concern with what actually happened in the past, with causes and effects.” – Chronicles

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