America’s War for the Greater Middle East | Andrew Bacevich

America’s War for the Greater Middle East
by Andrew Bacevich

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Quick Review

Andrew Bacevich has spent the better part of two decades critiquing American foreign policy, but none of his works matches the scope of America’s War for the Greater Middle East. In this book, Bacevich sets out to trace the full history of America’s military interventions in the Middle East (and beyond), exploring not just the facts of what happened when and where, but analyzing the effectiveness and the basic assumptions that have guided American policy in the Middle East for over three decades. As a work of history, Bacevich succeeds at showing just how often the United States has intervened in the region. As an analysis of that history, he shows that America’s interventions have met with limited strategic success and that defining American interests and goals has been as elusive a task as actually attaining them. Continuing to intervene in the Greater Middle East, Bacevich believes, will threaten, not enhance, American security, freedom and prosperity.  This book is a challenge to Americans to reflect on their recent history and recognize that their interests are not served by continued interventions in the Greater Middle East.

Praise for America’s War for the Greater Middle East

“A critical review of American policy and military involvement… Those familiar with Bacevich’s work will recognize the clarity of expression, the devastating directness and the coruscating wit that characterize the writing of one of the most articulate and incisive living critics of American foreign policy.” – The Washington Post

“Andrew Bacevich offers the reader an unparalleled historical tour de force in a book that is certain to affect the formation of future U.S. foreign policy and any consequent decisions to employ military force. He presents sobering evidence that for nearly four decades the nation’s leaders have demonstrated ineptitude at nearly every turn as they shaped and attempted to implement Middle East policy. This is one of the most serious and essential books I have read in more than half a century of public service.” – Lieutenant General Paul K. Van Riper, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

“Andrew Bacevich’s thoughtful, persuasive critique of America’s crusade for the Greater Middle East should be compulsory reading for anyone charged with making policy for the region. We cannot afford to repeat the past misjudgments on the area. As Bacevich wisely argues, the stakes are nothing less than the future well-being of the United States.” – Robert Dallek, author of Camelot’s Court: Inside the Kennedy White House

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