The New American Militarism | Andrew Bacevich

The New American Militarism
by Andrew Bacevich

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Quick Review

As a West Point graduate, retired Army colonel and conservative historian, Andrew Bacevich has earned the right to criticize American foreign policy like few others on the right – or left – have. In The New American Militarism, Bacevich explains the factors that, since the end of the Vietnam War, have led to an increasingly militarized society. Bacevich does not believe that any of these factors have intentionally created a bellicose America, one which understands its primary foreign policy calling to be that of global power projection. But, nevertheless, Bacevich makes the case that modern American foreign policy is built on a host of of poorly conceived and executed ideas. More importantly, the result has been to make America, and the world, less safe and prosperous all the while instilling in Americans an unrealistic and unhealthy perspective on military force. Bacevich’s closing recommendations are worth considering to varying degrees, but the real value of this book is his success in showing how at odds the reality of military force has been with the expectation of it.

Praise for The New American Militarism

“A provocative book…. Anyone with an interest in U.S. military, diplomatic, or political history, or in civil-military relations, or in current military policy should seriously consider Bacevich’s argument and proposals, and the book should be required reading for all students at the nation’s staff and war colleges.” – Military History

“Brillians, abrasive, important…. The epitaph for a blindly ideological, overly militarized, and self-defeating imperialism. His bravely outspoken book will enlighten many and infuriate more than a few.” – Richard J. Whalen, Across the Board

“Some of the most trenchant and original criticism of the trajectory of U.S. foreign and military policy that has surfaced since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March, 2003.” – Inter Press Service 

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