Who Killed the Constitution? | Tom Woods & Kevin Gutzman

Who Killed the Constitution?
by Tom Woods & Kevin Gutzman

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Quick Review

Who killed the Constitution? Ask a politician and you’re likely to hear that it’s all the other party’s fault. But as Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman show in this book, both parties and a plethora of politicians contributed to the culture of constitutional infidelity that plagues American politics today. Woods and Gutzman explore 12 episodes in the last 100 years that have effectively killed the Constitution and while the authors’ conclusions are likely to step on a lot of toes – both Democrat and Republican – those who are interested in maintaining the Constitution’s limits on federal power will want to investigate this evidence.

Praise for Who Killed the Constitution?

“If you want to know why the federal government regulates the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the words you speak, read Who Killed the Constitution? . . . When the history of these unfree times is written, Tom Woods’s and Kevin Gutzman’s fearless work will be recognized as the standard against which all others are measured.” – Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of The Constitution in Exile

“It’s about time someone shouted out that the emperor has no clothes.” – Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale

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