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The Constitution in Exile
by Andrew Napolitano

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Quick Review

There are a few moments in life that you can look back on and count as transformative experiences. One of those experiences in my life was reading Judge Andrew Napolitano’s The Constitution in Exile. I grew up truly believing that Republicans held the Constitution in high regard, while the dastardly Democrats ignored. Napolitano’s book was tough medicine, then, as it displayed how politicians from both sides have destroyed the original Constitution and sent it, as Napolitano says, into exile. His treatment of conservative icons – historical ones like Abraham Lincoln and modern examples like George W. Bush – is unsparing, as is his treatment of Republican-backed legislation like the Patriot Act. While he doesn’t hold back on Democrats either, his message for those who consider themselves constitutional conservatives is tough. Despite flowery rhetoric from Republicans, neither party is good on the Constitution and until we force our politicians to respect constitutional restrictions on federal power – and refuse to support them if they don’t – American freedom will continue to wither away.

Praise for The Constitution in Exile

“In all of the American media, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano is the most persistent, uncompromising guardian of both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, very much including the Bill of Rights. Increasingly, our Constitution is in clear and present danger. Judge Napolitano – in The Constitution in Exile – has challenged all Americans across party lines to learn the extent of this constitutional crisis.” – Nat Hentoff, syndicated columnist

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