James Madison and the Making of America | Kevin Gutzman

James Madison and the Making of America
by Kevin Gutzman

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Quick Review

James Madison is often called the father of the Constitution, but historian Kevin Gutzman believes that if Madison were to have a familial relationship with the Constitution it would be that of a “dissatisfied step-father.” In this biography of Madison, Gutzman offers detailed insight into Madison’s political philosophy and his career as a public servant, including his time spent writing, debating and advocating ratification of the Constitution. Through the story of this one man, Gutzman is able to portray the history of the early Republic, including how the Constitution was understood by the founding generation. Gutzman’s book offers a dense, highly informative history of not just James Madison, but the America he helped create.

Praise for James Madison and the Making of America

“[A] groundbreaking work. More than merely the definitive biography on James Madison, Kevin Gutzman’s book is essential to understanding the men, ideas and historical context of the U.S. Constitution and the early American republic. If the founders are important, then James Madison and the Making of America is vital to understanding what they actually said and did.” – The Washington Times

“The serious reader who wants a detailed account of James Madison’s long public career, drawn from primary sources, will find Kevin Gutzman’s book deeply rewarding. The author’s treatments of Virginia’s ratification convention and the drafting of the Bill of Rights are particularly valuable.” – Daniel Walker Howe, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of What Hat God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848

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