Compact of the Republic | David Benner

Compact of the Republic
by David Benner

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Quick Review

More than 200 years after it was written, the Constitution remains a widely misunderstood and misinterpreted document. There are those who claim that it created a single, unified nation. There are those who say it was a radical, divinely-inspired document. There are those who say it cannot be understood by modern Americans at all. All of them are wrong, says historian David Benner, who in Compact of the Republic seeks to reclaim the Constitution from the junk history that surrounds it. Benner claims, and defends with evidence, that the Constitution was rooted in the tradition of English law, that the states insisted on and retained sovereign rights (including the right to secede), and that the framers and ratifiers gave us ample evidence to ascertain its true meaning. Benner’s analysis will be tough to swallow for fans of centralized power, but the evidence Benner offers in favor of his contentions will be hard to dismiss.

Praise for Compact of the Republic

“David is an insightful and well-read advocate of the Constitution.” – Nick Dranias, Director of Constitutional Government, Goldwater Institute

“David Benner’s Compact of the Republic is an invaluable resource that goes a long way towards, as Thomas Jefferson would say, reawakening the slumbering spirit of 1776.” – The Tenth Amendment Center

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