Economic Facts and Fallacies | Thomas Sowell

Economic Facts and Fallacies
by Thomas Sowell

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Quick Review

Economist Thomas Sowell has spent his career exhibiting considerable skill at taking highly emotional topics and applying to them cold, hard facts. In Economic Facts and Fallacies, Sowell looks at some of the most prevalent economic claims – like trends in income differences and gender wage inequality – and seeks to investigate them more closely. Sowell’s conclusions on these issues are definitely not politically correct, but they are founded in economic data and sound reasoning. While the political class won’t like to hear it, Sowell succeeds in illustrating that the economy might not need more regulation after all.

Praise for Economic Facts and Fallacies

“Thomas Sowell marshals his arguments with admirable clarity and authority. There is not a chapter in which he does not produce a statistic that both surprises and overturns received wisdom.” – The Economist

“Sowell’s book dismantles many of the pervasive fallacies running rampant in politics today… In Economic Facts and Fallacies…Sowell makes a persuasive and powerful case, armed with a solid arsenal of statistics, numbers, and historical facts.” –

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