Greatest Emancipations | Jim Powell

Greatest Emancipations
by Jim Powell

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Quick Review

When Americans speak of emancipation, they think almost exclusively in the terms of the American Civil War. But in Greatest Emancipations, historian Jim Powell shows the myriad ways slavery was ended across the West. From large-scale violence like that in the United States and Haiti to the diplomacy of England to the multi-faceted approach of Brazilians, Powell uncovers the history and heroes of the Western abolitionist movement. His ultimate conclusion is startling – that conflict was unnecessary to end slavery and, in fact, may have been an inferior method of ending this tremendously evil institution.

Praise for Greatest Emancipations

“Powell develops a case that that the more violence was involved in an emancipation, the worse the outcomes tended to be. Among other things, the destruction and killing of war led to a backlash that nobody could control, a backlash that subverted civil rights for decades. Readers will be interested to see Powell’s reasons for believing that equal rights probably would have been achieved decades sooner if war – including the U.S. Civil War – had been avoided. He offers a refreshing abolitionist, antiwar case that hasn’t been heard in a long time.” – David Beito, author of Taxpayers in Revolt

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