The Theme is Freedom | M. Stanton Evans

The Theme is Freedom
by M. Stanton Evans

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The Theme is Freedom | M. Stanton Evans

Quick Review

M. Stanton Evans was something between a conservative and a libertarian, which made his book, The Theme is Freedom, a perfect gateway drug for me in my transition into libertarianism. In this book Evans argues that the long-stated conflict between liberty and religion – Christianity in particular – is not only inaccurate, but is a result of the Progressives’ rewriting of history. Evans counters that, “libertarian statecraft sprang from Western religious belief and at all the stops along the way has been dependent on religious values and traditional practice for its survival.” He then fills this work with historical evidence in support of this claim. The reader will finish this book with a much better historical perspective on liberty, particularly the development of liberty in America.

Praise for The Theme is Freedom

“…most of the book is splendidly argued and intensely interesting, especially to modern conservatives and also to liberals who like to have their assumptions challenged.” – Ray Olson, Booklist

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