The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History | Tom Woods

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
by Tom Woods

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Quick Review

Some historians might look at the task of correcting decades of poor education and see an insurmountable objective, but not Tom Woods. Woods, a Harvard- and Columbia-educated historian, has put together the ultimate resource for a better understanding of the real story of America. Along the way he obliterates historical myths we’ve all been taught since childhood and uncovers parts of American history that are neglected in textbooks. The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History succeeds in its primary goals – convincing the reader that our history is something more than what we’re told and igniting a desire to learn more about what we’re not.

Praise for The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

“Solidly based in the best and most recent scholarship and written in an agreeable, flowing style, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History is a gem. It will be treasured by history buffs and by anyone who suspects that high school and college textbooks might not have told the whole story.” – Ralph Raico, professor of history, Buffalo State College

“An important work that refutes the misinterpretations of American history that have misinformed generations about their country, its origins, purposes, successes, and failures.” – Paul  Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan

“That Woods’s book has made such a big splash is both gratifying and disheartening — gratifying because a factual, insightful, and formerly traditional perspective is being widely read by the general public and disheartening because such a perspective has been all but banned from the universities that educate our children.” – The American Conservative

“Woods has taken on some of the big historical issues with a fresh and definitely non-PC approach. His take on American history is bold, brilliant, thought-provoking, and what is even better, entertaining.” –  Clyde Wilson, professor of history, University of South Carolina

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While I highly recommend this book, its treatment of the Civil War is a bit simplistic, which is not surprising since Woods is attempting to correct the oversimplification of all of American history in a limited amount of space. Woods’ points are interesting and a great starting point towards unlearning the mainstream account – which is itself simplistic –  but a more complete perspective on the Civil War can be informed by these books.

Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men | Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
The Real Lincoln | Tom DiLorenzo