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Liberty Defined
by Ron Paul

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Doctor, congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul tackles 50 issues from A-Z in this volume. In his classic style, Paul gives his unfiltered perspective on a diverse range of issues including abortion, foreign aid, marriage and states’ rights. Paul’s opinions are always based in a consistently-applied philosophy that gives the benefit of the doubt to liberty. Because of this, his works are worth reading, regardless of whether or not you agree with him on every issue. In this book especially, he challenges his readers to consider how their own viewpoints may be at odds with their stated principles.

Praise for Liberty Defined

“…Dr. Paul never wavers. With the fearlessness for which he has become famous, Dr. Paul continues to assault all the bad central planning policies and popular misconceptions that allow them to continue even in the face of failure.” – Gary Gibson, Daily Reckoning

“Ron Paul uses each of the 50 mini essays to hack away at the thick ivy of mystique surrounding government regulations, taxes, programs and schemes. He takes every opportunity to show that governments are the cause, not the solution, to human problems…” – Mark Hornshaw, The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

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